When Customers Meet their New Gizmos

When Customers Meet their New Gizmos image cs holidayWhen Customers Meet their New GizmosTech gadgets sit high on the preferred gifts for the holidays. They’re useful and trendy so Santa is sure to have many of them on his list. Unfortunately, Santa may not always be available, or techie enough, to answer questions about his gifts, so that leaves you, the contact center agent to do that for him.

Some pointers in handling customer concerns that are expected to arise once they meet their new gizmos:

Reinforce the Purchase Decision

In a market flooded with products of almost equal quality, build, function, reliability, and all those standards that comprise purchase decision points, there is always something good to say to reinforce the customer’s choice. They’re almost the same gadgets doing the same things, but with different logos. But I emphasize the word “almost” here because it is a way to further push the products differentiating features that make it superior over the others. A purchase is based mainly on emotions and this is a good time to tickle that and look at it as an opportunity to reinforce brand loyalty.

Product Knowledge

We cannot stress this enough. Product knowledge should be first in your list of to-dos for contact center agents in this season of all-new, better-than-ever version releases of products they’re receiving this Christmas. What can this new gadget do? How is it an upgrade from the previous one I’m using? Or maybe it’s such a ground up creation, totally unfamiliar product that you might expect to get queries such as, “where’s the power button?”

Along these lines, agents should also be armed to handle whatever weaknesses there are in the model and what the workaround is so you can anticipate the types of troubleshooting requests they’ll be receiving.


“There’s an app for that!”

“There is this accessory that can…”

Tis’ the season to ben generous. Christmas just gets everyone in a spending mood. Customer inquiries are opportunities to cross sell apps and accessories to enhance the use of these gadgets. Make sure your agents are ready to jump in at the opportunity.

This season is about giving. For us in the service industry, it’s about giving to our customers to make the season enjoyable and stress-free in those aspects where we can make a difference.

Happy holidays!

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