How to Create a Video Script for Your About Page

How to Create a Video Script for Your About Page image How to write a video script3How to Create a Video Script for Your About Page

Video is a must have tool for your website, especially your “about” page.   It will captivate your visitors, enticing them to spend more time on your site. And more time on your site can significantly increase opt-ins and conversions. That is, if the video is good.

Many company’s forget that every page on the website, even the “about” page, is about their ideal customer. Instead, they use this page  to tell the story that’s most important to them, not the story that resonates  with the customer.

Your “about” page, is really an opportunity to tell your visitor why they should do business with you. In general, “about” pages are much longer than your home or services pages, because it is also the place where you are developing your brand story.

However, the video for your “about” page should not be longer than 90 seconds.  

So how do you address your customer’s needs and tell your brand story in under 90 seconds?

Your visitor is going to make an immediate judgment of you and your company.

So make sure that whatever you are wearing is appropriate for your brand story and your audience. For example, if you’re in a Tech B2B market, jeans and a button down shirt, no tie, is appropriate. On the other hand, if your market is financial planning, then a suit is appropriate.

What should you say?

Here’s a simple but effective script:

Hi, I’m (say your name and position) for (state your company name).

And I know that you (describe your ideal client’s needs).

At our company we (describe how you solve their problems, full fill their needs).

So please (give call-to-action).

Should you memorize your script?

Yes and no.  Unless you’re a professional actor it’s difficult to memorize a script and still sound and look natural.  However, if the script is short enough, about ¼ page, and you’re familiar with your product, services, and customer needs then you should be able to tell your story succinctly without strict adherence to your script.  I do my best to memorize what I want to say, and summarize the key points on my computer and use it as a teleprompter.

How long should it take?

Okay. So you’re the expert at your company on what you do and who your customers are. However, you’re going to make some mistakes, so I’d schedule 3-4 hours to set-up and shoot the video.

Do you need a videographer?

If you’re shooting video for your blog, you can get away with some decent lighting and an iPhone. However, for your cornerstone pages you’ll need someone who is going to make sure that you look your best, like first date best, for your customer.

Remember, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Will Rogers.

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