Of Course Students Love PowerPoint

My daughter recently completed her bachelor’s degree in communication studies (with a French fluency certificate) at a major Canadian university.

Last summer, as a present to her and her brother (who completed his studies at Teachers’ College at the same time), we took the graduates to Birmingham, England with my wife’s parents so our kids could understand where their grandparents came from.

Of Course Students Love PowerPoint image why do students like ppt v2Of Course Students Love PowerPoint

While we were on a side trip to London, I talked to my daughter about some research I’d seen from a post-secondary professor whose findings indicated that students want professors to use PowerPoint in lecture halls and classrooms. “How is that possible?” I asked her. We had chatted many times about how PowerPoint leads to incredible boredom in class.

“Because they don’t have to attend class to pass or do well in the course,” my daughter replied.

She then told me a story that she had to summon some courage to reveal. She had two classes during her final year of university in which the professors droned on and added little (if any) value to the slides they showed in class, and posted them online each week. She realized that the classes were a complete waste of time, so she stopped going. She simply downloaded the slides, read the textbooks and completed the required work.

She received an “A” in both classes.

I’m not quite sure what this says about the state of modern post-secondary education, but as a parent who has paid more than $120,000 out of my future retirement toward my kids’ education, I have two questions.

  • What value do these professors bring to post-secondary education?
  • Why on earth are we paying them to be there?

(Still not convinced that PowerPoint in class sucks? Conduct your own study. Ask anyone you know who’s in college or university to describe their favourite course or professor. When they tell you, ask them what they like most. Then ask them whether the professor uses much, if any, PowerPoint in the classroom. Care to place a wager on the outcome?)

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