Content Tips for Better Email Marketing Delivery

Did you know that according to Return Path, 1 in 5 emails never get to their recipient? One reason could be the implementation of content filtering. Content filtering allows more control than just blocking certain IP addresses. Therefore, it is possible that your email marketing campaigns can be subjected to these filters and automatically rejected or sent to the junk folder. However, since these filters are more selective, they assess different variables in relation to the structure of the email as well as the content. If you understand how the content-based filters work, you can better craft your emails so that they are not stopped in the send process.

Here are some tips for generating emails that will likely not be flagged by content filters:

1. Similar to other digital media best practices, you want the subject line, links and plain text of the emails to all be relevant to one another. This is also a great way to make sure that your email marketing is always transparent, not promising anything in the title without delivering in the body of the email.

Here’s a quick example of a not great email:

Subject line: Free Tips for Improving your Marketing

Body: Buy our marketing software, now just $49!

2. Avoid hard-to-read color schemes. Spammers often use brightly colored backgrounds with text that is difficult to read (and you want your recipients to be able to read your copy, anyway!).

3. Avoid spam-like copy. Examples include “free,” “bonus” and “no investment.” These can appear in legitimate emails as well, but it’s best to use them sparingly or eliminate them all together.

4. Unsubscribe options and links should be easy to find in your email. People are used to them being at the footer of the email, but they should be obvious.

5. Always send from a reputable URL with a brand or person’s name attached.

For more email marketing tips, check out these easy subject line tests.

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