Content Curation to Jumpstart your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Benefits of business blogging and how blogs generate leads are discussed at length by many bloggers. It is one of the reasons organizations have more faith in blogging than just on social media tools to get the word out. But business blogging is not easy. You need to come up with great ideas, plan meticulously, and create engaging content every week to stay ahead of your competitors. All of this takes time. Even if you are a great writer, the search engine gods won’t smile on you until you have enough content on your business blog.

Content Curation to Jumpstart your Inbound Marketing Efforts image content curation jumpstart e1365491198171Content Curation to Jumpstart your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Small business owners and solopreneurs are hard pressed for resources and managing a blog in-house can be quite resource intensive. Furthermore, unless you are in a writing profession, or have a flair for writing, churning out content each day can take hours.How do you exploit this current and dynamic marketing channel before you breach that content threshold with your own posts?

What is Content Curation?

Content curation, in simple words, is managing a collection of items from different sources. You must have collected some rare stamps or coins as a kid, or perhaps players’ cards that you were proud of. The value of your collection was dependent on your skill to recognize that rare stamp or coin that wasn’t in the possession of your immediate circle.

A content curator, similarly, builds a collection of the best content available online on specific subjects for the target audience. Think of yourself as a museum curator who selects the best art from across the world to showcase in her museum.

Content Curation over Blogging

Content curation has various advantages. Most important being that it establishes you as an expert in your subject if you share quality content. In this information age, where there is tons of information and limited resources to process the information, a single location that provides the most relevant and current information on a subject easily becomes a go-to place for online readers.

Wouldn’t you prefer to open a website with eclectic content from different sources rather than visit ten different websites to know the latest and the greatest?

Your Website Vs. Other Websites

Various websites help you curate content on the Internet. Some of these content curation websites like RebelMouse allow you to automate the task of adding everything from a website or author, while others such as require you to handpick each article and put it online. These are some of the great tools you can use to showcase your expertise in your area of work. Hosting content on a third-party website may help you establish your authority; however, it doesn’t help you generate traffic to your website and expose your readers to your products and services.

Jumpstart Your Blog

Don’t get me wrong. Nothing beats original content. But until you get into the blogging groove and have enough content to generate traffic to your blog through Search and other Social Media referrals, curating content on your domain can get you off and running.

But traffic is not the only reason to curate content on your website. By providing content that compliments your products and services you help your readers and customers solve their problems.

I hope I have made you realize the benefits of content curation on your own domain or website, and also outlined some scenarios where it might be your best bet. Our next post will look at how you can jumpstart your inbound marketing effort with content curation and get readers to your blog from day one.

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