Connecting consumers with local 3D printers

With 3D printing slowly becoming accessible to the average consumer, it’s no wonder we’ve seen innovations such as 3D printing vending machines begin to surface. Now makexyz is a service that aims to help anyone find a 3D printing service in their area.

Those with facilities can list their device type and the materials they have available, as well as the cost per centimeter cubed they would like to charge. When a user wants to use the device, makexyz sends the ready-to-print files over to printer owners and the design is created. Customers then choose to pick up the product or have it shipped. Once the process is complete, the funds are sent to printer owners. Typical costs for printing are around USD 0.25 per centimeter cubed, allowing owners to make money from their 3D printer and saving customers the initial investment costs involved with ownership.

makexyz provides a useful connection between designers and printers of 3D products while the MakerBot is not yet a feature of the average home. Are there other ways the 3D printing revolution could be ushered in sooner?


Spotted by: Murtaza Patel

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