CNN Anchors Used Surface Pro’s As iPad Stands During Election Night Coverage

    By James Kosur | Small Business

    CNN anchors were using the Microsoft Surface Pro during election night, but their use of the gadget was somewhat silly. Anchors used the tablets and their clever kickstand feature to hold their Apple iPads in place.

    You heard that right, CNN anchors used the Surface Pro as a kickstand for their Apple tablets.

    While CNN anchors are not required to use any certain type of hardware, they typically bring their own Apple iPad and MacBook Pro’s to filming. The Microsoft Surface Pro’s were not placed on set as part of a product placement deal, but were rather put in place for access to CNN’s ‘Magic Wall.” That wall is owned by a company that is run by Microsoft. The Magic Wall can be controlled using Internet Explorer, which is offered via the Surface Pro tablet-laptop hybrids.

    Microsoft’s Surface Pro devices are high-tech and worth a closer look, however, the company has run into many product recognition issues. After signing a deal with the NFL, the company had to coach announcers so they would stop referring to the devices as iPads.

    Twitter users quickly noticed the Surface Pro devices being used as kickstand type devices for iPads, and they tweeted some hilarious screen captures from the incident.

    In a second tweet one of the pundits on the live news feed actually looks mad to be using a Microsoft Surface Pro.

    It looks like Microsoft still has a branding issue for its Surface Pro 3, and CNN is not exactly helping with the company’s continued efforts.

    This article was syndicated from Business 2 Community: CNN Anchors Used Surface Pro’s As iPad Stands During Election Night Coverage

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