Citizens support, fund, and read investigative journalism through single platform


The news industry is in dire need of a new business model in the wake of social media and citizen journalism putting talented writers out of a job, and one solution we’ve seen growing in popularity is crowdfunded pitches. Taking this onboard, Uncoverage is a comprehensive new platform that enables readers to regularly support the journalists they admire, and back investigations into the fields they think need covering.

The problem with longform investigative journalism is that it is costly, risky, takes time to produce and isn’t profitable in a fast-paced world that favors digestible ‘clickbait’ such as listicles and celebrity news. However, it’s vital for keeping the public informed about important issues such as corporate and government corruption, war, and other decisive stories. Through Uncoverage, readers can subscribe to writers they admire, issues they care about, or even a specific pitch. They can choose the amount they’d like to pledge — whether it’s USD 1 or USD 20 a month — and turn their subscriptions on and off at any time. Much like crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, the site gives backers updates about the progress of investigations, but the finished pieces are also published through the site. The video below explains more about the ideas behind the platform:

Uncoverage is a single resource that enables citizens to back the topics they think need investigating, pays journalists who do hard-hitting reportage and acts as both a platform for publishing those stories and as a resource for newspapers around the world. The site is currently seeking funds through an Indiegogo campaign and has already partnered with investigative group The Center for Public Integrity. Could crowdfunded journalism keep much-needed investigative reporting alive?


Spotted by Jim Stewart, written by Springwise

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