In China, virtual reality stores turn open spaces into a supermarket

    By Tom | Small Business

    Innovations like Prague’s QR code grocery store located in subway stations around the city have already shown how the online shopping world can still maintain a presence in public spaces. In China, e-commerce site Yihaodian is now launching its augmented reality stores, which give customers the impression of a physical store while they browse online.

    In certain locations, such as public squares, smartphone owners will be able to use an augmented reality app to project a virtual store – branded as Unlimited Yihaodian – over the top of their surroundings. Using the phone’s accelerometer, customers will be able to move around digital rooms, displaying products available on Yihaodian’s site, reports suggest. Account holders can then order items for delivery as they would if they were using the browser version.

    The virtual stores give consumers the feeling of using a traditional bricks-and-mortar store while they are away from home, without the business costs and environmental factors that go into maintaining a physical outlet. Could this be the future of grocery shopping?


    Spotted by: Tony Wijntuin

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