What Businesses Should Look For In A Marketing Writer

One of the questions I’m asked the most after “How much for a __________?”, is whether I have any experience writing for XYZ industry.

Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no.

For businesses looking to hire a marketing writer, it may be the wrong question. When you’re narrowing the window for what you’re looking for, you may miss the perfect fit elsew

For instance, when a customer asks me this question, I usually use the opportunity to touch on my journalism background. I’ve spent more than a decade now learning about subjects that I was completely in the dark on, and writing about them.

I’ve probably written dozens of tax levy stories, aimed at property tax-paying readers. I’ve done all this without ever having paid a tax bill myself (We currently rent). It wasn’t easy, but I did the research on the subject, and produced the stories our readers were looking for.

The ability to walk in cold, do a massive amount of research and produce a piece that people will want to read is a transferrable skill set.

I understand that hiring someone outside the organization to write your marketing pieces is a leap of faith. I know that it takes a good deal of trust. Industry experience is a natural thing to fall back on.

But maybe the better question is “What industries have you written in?” They may have an extensive professional background that you’d otherwise not be aware of.

This question will show the writer’s ability to adopt. You can always ask to see the their portfolio. Who knows, maybe there are some related industries they’ve worked in.

You may find out something about them – something that will make you want to hire them – that you otherwise wouldn’t know.

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