How To Build Trust Through Social Media

    By Jill Celeste | Small Business

    How To Build Trust Through Social Media image how to build trust on social media 300x198How To Build Trust Through Social MediaOne of the benefits of social media for personal branding is that it gives you an avenue to connect with people who will grow to trust you. If people trust you, they will purchase from you, recommend you for a project or hire you to join their team.

    How can you build trust through social media? Here are five tips to follow that will help you build a trustworthy online personal brand.

    Trustbuilding Tip #1: Always be authentic

    We’re all human, right? For some reason, when people use social media, they tend to create a persona that is not authentic. Not only is that deceitful, it’s ineffective because people see right through a fake persona every time. To build trust on social media, you need to be yourself – flaws and all. Show your imperfections and people will relate to you. If they can relate to you, they’ll start to trust you.

    Trustbuilding Tip #2: Admit your mistakes and apologize from the heart

    It will happen – you will make some sort of mistake on social media. Whether you use an apostrophe incorrectly or cite data from the wrong source, making mistakes is how we all learn and grow. Social media amplifies our errors because everyone sees it (and often call you out on it). It can be upsetting, especially, if someone points out your mistakes rudely, but remember it’s best to not get in a sparring match. Say you’re sorry, thank the person for pointing out your error and move on.

    Trustbuilding Tip #3: Show your personality

    Are you a naturally funny person? Do you go crazy over Doctor Who? Is your idea of relaxation a nice cold beer by the beach? Don’t be afraid to show the “person” behind the brand and use your personality to make connections in social media. Write like you talk. Tell a joke. Use emoticons. Additionally, tell people about your hobbies, interests and fears; chances are, they may like (or dislike) the same things too, and you’ll make an authentic connection with your social media followers.

    Trustbuilding Tip #4: Help a person out

    Have you ever been in a situation where a Good Samaritan helped you out? How did it make you feel about the person? Good thoughts, right? That’s what you need to remember about helping people on social media. Social media is often where people turn to for answers to their questions. If they’re asking a question about your area of expertise, take the time to answer it fully. In other words, give away your knowledge. Not only will the person who you helped remember your benevolence, but anyone who sees your interaction will take note of it too.

    Trustbuilding Tip #5: Play nice in the social media sandbox

    Courtesy goes a long way in social media. Many social media users take advantage of being behind a computer screen to make rude comments, slanderous statements and hostile jabs. It goes without saying: Don’t be one of these people! Additionally, think about how you want to be treated. Say thank you and please; share good content posted by others (making sure to give them full credit); ask questions and solicit feedback; and wish people a nice day. If you were at an in-person networking event, you use appropriate etiquette when interacting with others, right? Apply those same standards to your social media interactions. Be a person others enjoy being around.

    By remembering these five tips when you interact on social media, you’ll steadily grow an online personal brand that evokes trust and honesty. And when it’s time to ask people to purchase from you, or think about you for a job opportunity, you will find that your social media friends will be more than glad to help you out. Having a trustworthy social media presence pays off every time.

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