Break Up Box cures broken hearts while helping couples in need

    By Tom | Small Business


    Regular readers of Springwise may remember Unbox Love, the subscription service that helps busy couples revive their relationships with date ideas in a box. For those whose relationships are beyond repair, Japan’s Shitsuren Box — which translates as Break Up Box — aims to soothe recipients’ broken hearts while also supporting pregnant women in developing countries.

    Created by designer goods retailer Brandear, the box is designed to heal the heartbreak after the end of a relationship. The recipient receives a guide for letting go of their ex, a pack of tissues, and some ‘stress-relieving’ bubble wrap that they can take their anger out on. Once they’ve emptied the box, they can then pack it with any items leftover from their relationship that they’d rather not have lying around the house. The box also includes a courier sticker and the new singletons can send the package back to Brandear. The items inside are valued and a small remuneration is offered, while the items are sent to those in developing countries who may need them. At the same time, Brandear also donates JPY 100 to reproductive health NGOs that deal with pregnant women and couples in those countries, such as JOICFP.

    The scheme aims to take the edge off a bitter relationship breakup by enabling some good to come out of it through charitable giving. Are there other ways charities and nonprofits could engage consumers through kind initiatives such as this?


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