Bottom Line Disciplines for Small Businesses

Being an owner of a small business can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to sales. No matter what industry or profession you are in, you need sales to survive. Without sales there are no transactions, no revenue and no bottom line. Sales is your bottom line!

Buyers are everywhere.
What are you doing to help them buy?

The focus of this article is to help you, as a small business, to attract, engage and empower buyers to buy in order to increase your bottom line, with velocity. To do that I will share some non-traditional sales techniques, sales tips and offer you an opportunity to learn more through an ongoing, affordable interactive virtual sales training platform.

First you need to understand the word “Success” in order to be a successful small business. Success is “the progressive realization of a worthy goal.”

Why are you in business?

  • What are your personal and business goals?
  • Are they written down?
  • Are they S.M.A.R.T.?
  • Are they supported by an action plan?
  • Are you monitoring your progress?

Next you need to understand the word “Discipline” to ensure your success.

“Discipline is a commitment to the most important person in the world. It means doing what you have to do, even when you don’t want to do it.”

In order to be disciplined, you first need to identify and replace your ineffective habits with appropriate and effective daily behaviors. In turn these practices will quickly become new result-oriented habits which support your personal and professional goals.

However, before you can master success and the behaviors of goal setting and discipline, you must master your “Attitude”.

Attitude is the “advance person” of our true selves. Its roots are inward and based on past experiences, but its fruit is outward. It is our best friend or our worst enemy. It is more honest and more consistent than our words. It is the thing that either draws people to us or repels them. It is never content until it is expressed. It is the librarian of our past, the speaker of our present, and the prophet of our future.

Yet who is in control of your attitude?

Everything revolves around you and your attitude towards yourself, your business, your team and the products or services that you represent or sell.

You must first have a desire to set goals and to be disciplined. Attitude is the foundation for all successful people, not just sales professionals or small business owners.

Take control of what is 100% within your control – attitude and discipline! This is the foundation to your success.

Everything you need to learn about success, attitude, discipline, goal setting (with supporting tools) and the most important person in the world is covered in detail in the book “Disciplined for Life, You are the Author of Your Future”.

Now, let’s take a look at your bottom line – your sales results.

Are you approaching buyers for your own reasons – promoting yourself, your small business or the products and services you represent or sell?

If so, you are following traditional selling methods which no longer work. This is being “me” or “sales” focused!

To succeed in today’s new economy of buyers, you need to be “buyer focused”!

Buyer focused is exactly what it says – you must be focused on the buyer, not on you, your business or the solutions you provide. Remember, it is all about the buyer. Without buyers, you have nothing!

Once you are buyer focused your job is to facilitate the buying process by simply asking questions, listening to the answers and questioning the answers to help buyers dig deeper and discover their own needs and solutions.

When you engage the buyer through the use of pre-scripted questions, you lead the buyer to determine their own needs, discover their pain or pleasure, and identify the cost of doing nothing. You empower the buyer to make the decision to buy based on their needs and the budget and decision processes previously identified.

Fact: Before you can ask questions, you must first build trust.

Relationships are built on trust and you want to build a lasting relationship with buyers. Without trust, buyers will not answer your questions. Your number one objective in sales is to establish trust with buyers. That is achieved by being sincerely buyer focused, as discussed above.

“The more relationships you have, the bigger your network. The bigger your network, the bigger your net worth”.

Once trust is established, you are guaranteed valuable “word of mouth” referrals. They in turn become your secondary sales force.

In order to be a successful small business you need to master attitude, goal setting and discipline, as they are foundation to your success in life and not just in business or in sales. Master these and you will be well on your way to success in any profession!

The remaining disciplines are the competencies of the internationally proven “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System and are discussed in great detail in the book, “Up Your Bottom Line.”

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