National Small Business Week Success Stories: Langston's Western Wear

    By Owen Linderholm | Small Business

    Yesterday, we launched a series of profiles of successful small businesses that are also our customers at Yahoo Small Business in honor of National Small Business Week. We will be sharing some of our favorite success stories throughout the week and we that you suggest and contribute your own stories of small business success on our Facebook account.

    More than half of all working Americans either work for or own a small business and small businesses create almost 2/3 of all new jobs. Here at Yahoo Small Business, we are proud to say that some of these businesses are our customers. Yesterday we profiled Today it is the turn of Langston's Western Wear - simultaneously a one hundred year old company and also a successful online merchant. We wrote a great profile of the company a few months ago and we urge you to read it here. Not just to find out about Langston's but also for some great lessons in how to take an existing brick and mortar business online.

    Now it is your turn. Yahoo Small Business is proud to be part of the success and growth of small businesses, whether those businesses are finding new customers online for a local store or service, or are selling online and are among the more than $65 billion in transactions that have been supported on our ecommerce platform.

    This week we will join the celebration by sharing stories of people who have realized their dreams of starting and building successful small businesses. We’d also like to hear your own stories and help you share the successes, tips, and inspirations you have for other people who are working to grow small businesses, create jobs, and drive innovation.

    Please join us online at to let us know about your favorite small business – whether it’s your own or one that you want to let everyone know about.

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