Most entrepreneurs call Obama policies “too hostile” to small business

    By Adrienne Burke | Small Business

    More than half of American voters say President Obama’s policies toward small businesses are “too hostile,” and even more entrepreneurs (55 percent) agree with that statement. The data comes from a Rasmussen Reports survey that was published this week.

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    Rasmussen surveyed 1,000 likely voters by phone last week, and says this is the first time its data indicate that a majority of voters call the president “too hostile” to small business. Thirty-five percent of respondents overall consider the President’s policies toward small business to be “about right,” and only three percent say his policies are “too friendly” to small business. Twelve percent are unsure.

    Asked to rate Obama’s policies toward big business, 30 percent of respondents say they are “too hostile,” and again, more entrepreneurs (33 percent) take that view.

    Not surprisingly, survey respondents who identified themselves as Republican voters are more likely to dislike the President’s policies; 52 percent say he is too hostile to big business, and 78 percent say he is too hostile to small business. The largest share of Democrat voters—47 percent—say the President’s policies on big business are “about right” and 61 percent say his policies on small business are “about right.” Among unaffiliated voters, 52 percent say he is too hostile toward small business, and 32 percent say that about his big business policies.

    Among the wealthiest survey respondents—those with household incomes over $200,000 a year—half say Obama policies are “too friendly” toward big business and “about right” on small business.

    In the half male and half female survey sample, men proved more likely to consider the President’s policies to either size business to be “too hostile.”

    In a survey earlier in August, 71 percent of likely voters polled answered “yes” when asked, “Does the federal government help businesses that are politically connected and hurt those that are not?”

    For more on the survey, see Rasumussen Reports.

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