Range Rover long wheelbase edition stretches luxury to new lengths

After last night’s priapic shriek of a debut for the new Jaguar F-Type Coupe, where several models of the car, illuminated by spotlights and red lasers, roared through a cavernous L.A. sound stage that had once housed the Spruce Goose, today the company pulled the sheet off a different kind of aspirational luxury clusterbomb.

For only $185,000 (base price), you, too, can own a Land Rover Range Rover Long-Wheelbase Autobiography Black Edition. Though it debuted today at the L.A. Auto Show, this luxury monster had a special preview Monday night at a many-acred Beverly Hills estate that features four separate residences within the main gate, private polo fields, horse stables, a man-made lake and swimming pools. That pretty much sums up who’s going to be sitting in the rear seat of this magnificently decadent thing.

As Gerry McGovern, design director and chief creative officer of Land Rover, told us at a preview of the preview earlier this week, the rear seat is “a fabulous place to be. You feel very special, and there’s an abundance of room.” The real money shot happens in the rear passenger compartment, a luxury sofa seat with an extendable calf rest. The seat also reclines.

But wait, there’s more, like a 10.2-inch TV screen and power tray tables that feature tablet docking stations. The rear seats have a multi-tiered massage function. They’re also heated and cooled. And they have access to a pop-out cooler with built-in champagne flutes. All in all, the rear seat screams, “please don’t make me leave.” I got a few minutes of lounging time behind the velvet rope. They needed two security guards to drag me out.

It’s a pretty certain $1,000 ante that the car will have tremendous off-road capability, like all other Land Rovers. But no one’s ever going to drive a Long-Wheelbase Autobiography Black Edition who’s not getting paid to do so. Given the bank accounts of the people who are going to buy the 100 of these cars being distributed in North America, those drivers had better be paid very well indeed.


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