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  • Announcing Yahoo Commerce Central

    Running a business just got easier. Today, we’re proud to introduce Yahoo Commerce Central, a one-stop shop for simple, affordable, and effective tools for an online store.

    All of the marketing tools needed to help increase sales, efficiency and profitability are in our App Gallery. We offer a host of apps to help list and advertise on leading shopping and search engines, sell products on Facebook, and much more. For real-time customer engagement and analytics, check out our free app Live Web Insights. Live Web Insights can:

    •    Show exactly what's happening on a store in real-time
    •    Initiate chats with customers to address questions and close sales
    •    Get personalized, data-driven recommendations to help improve traffic and sales
    •    Measure return on investment for Yahoo Commerce Central apps
    •    View a store's historical trends

    Live Web Insights

    Not a Yahoo merchant? Not a problem. Our apps are supported on more than 30 platforms, including Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.

    Yahoo Commerce Central

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  • Video Highlights of Live Chat with John Hall of Influence Co: Content, investment and influence

  • Quick! Now is your chance to tell Google why your site should rank better in search

    SEOAstonishingly, Google wants to hear from people about why small sites that should rank higher in Google search results. Google’s SEO guru, Matt Cutts, released a tweet saying ‘If there’s a small website that you think should be doing better in Google, tell us more here:

    This is an astonishing opportunity – but also one not to get TOO excited about. This does not mean anything will change for you or your site. But it does finally give you a voice and an opportunity to tell Google why it is that your site SHOULD rank better. [We encourage Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting and Ecommerce merchants to take advantage of this opportunity.]

    Google is looking for real responses – arguments based around why your content is better and more important and more informative than other people’s on the particular topic. So

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  • Young Entrepreneurs Live Chat with Influence and Co. Co-Founder and CEO John Hall

    The live chat with John Hall has now ended. Recorded video highlights will be uploaded shortly

    John Hall is the Cofounder and CEO of Influence & Co., a company that assists individuals and companies in growing their influence through products and services ranging from creating and publishing bylined articles to facilitating content marketing programs for large brands. Influence & Co. is now one of the leading providers of high quality expert content to the world's top publications. John is also the Co-creator of Contributor Weekly, a weekly newsletter for contributors, keeping them up-to-date on tips and trends for writing, publishing and sharing their content. John is a Forbes Contributor and has contributed to more than 50 other reputable publications.

    #StartupLab is a free virtual mentorship program created by The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of hundreds of America’s most successful young entrepreneurs.

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  • Only 23% of small businesses that need capital get it

    This infographic from OnDeck Main has some really fascinating information in it. Although it has an obvious bias toward capital and financial needs, there is some really solid value for a small business owner here. For example - the number in the headline - only 34% of small businesses that need capital get it. How does that come about? Well, only 55% of businesses applied to get capital from some source (15% didn't need any and 30% didn't even try although they needed it). That's already a pretty low percentage, but the next number shows why 30% of small businesses don't even bother to apply for financing. That number is 36% - the number of small businesses that apply for financing that actually get it.

    Some other numbers that show why this is so hard - of those that applied, 83% were denied by their bank - 82%! Some (18%) clearly find financing another way (most likely friends and family financing).

    The only thing I disagree with is that the infographic states that of the people they

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  • Infographic shows the same issues still face Small Business

    Most people seem to feel that we are either in an economic recovery or headed into one or at least pulling out of recession. So with the improving economic climate in mind and new initiatives to help boost small business buying around the big Thanksgiving shopping period (the 'Shop Small' initiative as part of Small Business Saturday on November 30th), BizFilings took a survey of some small business attitudes and combined them with other data into this infographic. Perhaps not surprisingly, they found that even in times of economic recovery, challenges like customer retention and consistent revenue still exist. The BizFilings poll, (BizFilings is an online incorporation provider for more than 500,000 entrepreneurs) 80% of small business owners wish they could solve the challenge of a consistent cash flow.

    State of Small Business
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  • Your Boss Is Less Stressed Than You

    In Control

    So who is better off at work, you or your boss? A Harvard study suggests that it’s your boss because your boss is less stressed. And why is your boss less stressed? It turns out that it is because your boss has control.

    The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, looked at indicators of stress, including self-reported anxiety and saliva levels of the hormone cortisol and compared them between groups of leaders and non-leaders. Results showed that leaders had statistically significant lower levels of cortisol and lower anxiety than nonleaders. The study was repeated on a second group with similar results.

    The researchers then dug into what led to this lower level of stress in leaders and concluded that a sense of control, specifically to do with being in authority, was the main contributing factor.

    Examining those results in greater detail, researchers found that two measures of leadership — the total number of subordinates and authority over subordinates —were

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  • Customer and Market Research – Necessary but Overlooked steps for the Entrepreneur

    This is the seventh part of our Smart and Simple Guide to starting a business. We've already covered ideas, business concept, funding, family, naming, branding and competitive research. And now we come to a topic that is at least as important as all of those and one that can prevent you from making critical mistakes that will doom your business. Market Research.

    You hate it. I hate it. Everybody hates it, but it is crucial. Here's why.

    One of the critical steps to business success is figuring out who your customers are and how to sell to them in a way that will make you a profit. By now if you have followed along on the first six steps of this guide you should have a clear idea of what you want your business to be - and that means you have also built a picture in your mind of who the customer is, whether you realize it or not.

    But having a picture in your mind isn't good enough. You have to know clearly who they are and more importantly, how many of them there are, how you will reach

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  • Values, Integrity, Hard Work and Great Food. An Interview with Cat Cora

    Cat CoraCat Cora is a dynamo. She’s the first female Iron Chef and cookbook author, restaurateur, and co-host of BRAVO’s “Around the World in 80 Plates.” Plus she has a cookware line, two food product lines and even a line of women’s lifestyle shoes. She’s also built her multiple businesses from the ground up and is a stellar example of entrepreneurial drive.

    We spoke to her briefly about her businesses and how she built them, the challenges she faced and the advice she has for other would-be entrepreneurs.

    YSB Advisor: "Can you tell us a little bit about your various businesses - what they are and which are important to you?"

    Cat Cora: "They are all important. We get lots of opportunities and the ones that I collaborate and partner with are the ones that have the same philosophies and goals, the same work ethic. That’s really important. What is this going to do for us and where is it going to take us?

    Take the food products [Cat Cora’s Kitchen]. One is with Gaea, a company out of Greece that does

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  • Great Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

    The nice people at Simply Business in the UK came up with this fantastic guide to conversion rate optimization - in other words - how to get your website to convert to sales better. Just click on the graphic below to be taken to the original.

    Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).


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