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  • Sell Every Product With Love

    My grandmother was a good cook. And though I loved her food,especially her fried chicken and lemon meringue pie, the real reason I ate Grammy’s cooking was because she made it for me. She cooked with love. Selling a product or service is like cooking: people will buy from you because you are making the offer—as long as you sell with love.

    I learned about selling with love when I was a freshman in college. I needed a summer job, and so looked through the newspaper ads with my dad. One of the job opportunities was for an outgoing go-getter. “That’s me,” I said. My dad looked at the position listed, which was for newspaper subscription sales: “A 100 percent commission sales job? That’s the last job you want to take.” Of course, I took it anyway and sold my heart out.

    Because I’m dyslexic, I’d never even read the newspaper. But because my dad read it every single day, I instinctively realized that it had a lot of value. So I sold that value. I stood in grocery stores and suggested that

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