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  • The Most Common Funding Types for Young Startups, Explained

    Startup Funding
    I am always meeting young entrepreneurs who are in need of capital to support the early costs associated with starting a business. With so many funding options out there, raising funds can be a confusing, and somewhat overwhelming, exercise. Further complicating the issue, the type of funding you pursue will depend on the particular needs of your company, your company stage, and the specific milestones you hope to achieve.

    That said, knowing the most common funding options gives you the foundation you need to develop your customized fundraising strategy. So here is a quick(ish) overview of the most common funding types for early-stage startups:

    #1: Bootstrap

    Okay, I realize this isn’t actually “fundraising,” but sometimes the best funding option is not to seek funding at all, but rather to cut corners wherever you can and work on building your company from your personal savings. Besides saving you money, bootstrapping also helps you to focus on execution and build traction without outside

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