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  • 20 Things People Won’t Tell You About Starting a Business

    Lonely BusinessPeople often say that if you make it five years in business, you’ve beaten the odds. What they don’t often share with you are the things that happen in those first five years that contribute to the high number of people whose businesses don’t make it.

    I’m here to tell you about the personal hardships you’re likely to face in the early stage of business ownership. If someone had told me about these, I might have saved some tears, prevented an early wrinkle and lowered my blood pressure. These tips are straight from my personal experiences starting various companies in the past five years:

    1. It's lonely. Whether or not you have a partner, it can be lonely starting a business. Your hours will become nontraditional, you may be working out of your home or in a small office, and you will focus your attention on work. None of these factors make for a great social life early on. Realize that this stage is temporary and try to make time for people who have been there before. They can demonstrate
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