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  • Four things that I love about Facebook Insights

    insightsBy Carol Roth

    I am always on the lookout for fantastic tools to help small businesses be more successful. So when Yahoo!, a company that I work with, came out with the Marketing Dashboard, I was truly excited that SMBs had a tool to help them view and manage their marketing results, their online reputation and their website performance.

    Now, I am thrilled that Yahoo! has integrated Facebook Insights into the Marketing Dashboard, allowing SMBs to evaluate the efficacy of their social media marketing alongside their other marketing metrics.
    Here are 4 things I love about Facebook Insights in the Marketing Dashboard:

    1-It saves you time: One of the most precious commodities for SMB owners is their time, and social media often takes up a lot of it. Not only does it take time to create, curate and consume content, but it takes even more time to gather feedback and analyze it. Facebook Insights on the Marketing Dashboard help by giving you a snapshot of your Facebook interactions all in one

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