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  • 3 Abilities Every Business Leader Needs


    When people think of leadership, they often think of charismatic speakers preaching to a captivated audience. We see this type of leader aggrandized in the media every day, and we're led to think we must emulate that to be effective. Over the past two years building my startup, though, I've learned that leadership is a lot more nuanced. There are actually three different leadership abilities that in together — not seperately — determine your effectiveness.

    The ability to "inspire"

    This is the classic idea of leadership, but it's not just about yelling to an army on a horse. People are driven by many things — recognition, wealth, power, affiliation, impact, self-improvement, validation and more. Inspiration is telling people a story that allows them to see themselves as who they aspire to be.

    Some leaders construct a narrative and count on their delivery to inspire in aggregate. This is Coach Brooks telling Team USA that "great moments are born from great opportunity." It's Steve Jobs

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