Use Bid Adjustment Strategies to Maximize Google PPC ROI

Use Bid Adjustment Strategies to Maximize Google PPC ROI image ppcroiUse Bid Adjustment Strategies to Maximize Google PPC ROIWith the cost of Google PPC search advertising on the rise, marketers are looking for ways to minimize their costs per conversion. Below are two ideas to test for your Google AdWords campaigns that might help:

Adjust Bids Based on Searcher’s Device, Location, and Time

Google AdWords enables marketers to adjust their PPC bids for ad impressions depending on the searcher’s device, geographic location, and time of day all in a single campaign interface.

So if you own a chain of athletic clothing stores, for example, you can use bid adjustments to pay 60% more to run PPC ads targeting smartphone users searching for ‘”hockey equipment” near your locations, since those clicks should be more valuable.

Or if you own an Italian restaurant, you can bid higher for people searching within a mile of your premises and lower for searches in the early morning or late at night when you aren’t open.

These bid adjustments can apply to all ads and all keywords in one single campaign interface. In the past, this required separate AdWords campaigns to target users in the different scenarios.

Try Dynamic Remarketing Using Google RLSA

Google has a tool called RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads) that enables you to modify your PPC bids, keywords, and search ads based on a person’s past interaction with your web site.

If you haven’t tested it yet, here are some ideas to try:

  1. Increase bids for people who have already visited your site. Google will show your ads at a higher position for this group, ultimately sending them to your site at a higher rate than new visitors. See if more familiarity leads to higher conversion rates.
  2. Try expanding your reach by broadening your keyword list for repeat visitors. Your ads will show up more often for those already familiar with you. See if this leads to more repeat business.
  3. Try a new set of keywords targeting leads stuck in your lead funnel. See if it helps accelerate the sales cycle.
  4. Try an ad campaign targeting people who visited your site in the past 24 hours. See if a special offer or unique messaging can get this group to convert.

While some studies suggest RLSA may be best suited for products with a longer, more complex sales cycle, online retailers and other businesses have also reported some positive results. Test it for yourself and see.

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