The Best of the Super Bowl 2013 Commercials

The Best of the Super Bowl 2013 Commercials  image Baltimore Ravens B 300x199The Best of the Super Bowl 2013 Commercials Some people would argue that the commercials are the best part of the Super Bowl. Companies spend millions of dollars to make creative commercials that people remember and put them on during the game where millions of viewers will see them. This year, the commercials were not as great as years past. Many of the ads left viewers disappointed and waiting for a commercial that they would find clever or make them laugh. There were a few commercials last night that stood out from the rest, however.

Budweiser has a history of having excellent Super Bowl commercials and some of their most well known include the Budweiser Frogs and the Clydesdales. This year, their commercial included a Clydesdale who is raised by a man and they are best friends. Then the man sells him to Budweiser, but they find each other again at the end. It was a very heartfelt commercial, which is unusual for beer companies, but it was definitely one of the favorites of the night.

Doritos had a few different commercials, but the best one was probably “Fashionista Daddy” where a little girl bribes her father and his friends to be princesses with her for Doritos. It was original and funny, especially when the wife comes in and finds one of the friends wearing her wedding dress with chips in his beard and all over his face.

Amy Poehler made an appearance in the Best Buy commercial, and was a huge hit. It was called “Asking Amy” which is appropriate because Amy went into a Best Buy and asked every question imaginable about every kind of device. It really worked because most of the questions were ones people could ask, and the other questions were funny.

There were a few other commercials that people really enjoyed including the Kia “Space Babies” commercial and the Oreo “Whisper Fight.”

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