Benefits of Mobile “Spy”

When it comes to mobile marketing, everyone wants to be a success. A surefire way to figure out if you can achieve success in with mobile ads is by monitoring the activity of your competitors. A new app for the Android platform hopes to do that and much more. WhatRunsWhere is an in-app service that tracks the activity of mobile ads. It can tell you where the ads are coming from and how successful they are in garnering interest. Although it might sound invasive, it allows one entity to essentially take notes on how best to improve their targeted mobile marketing.

Clearly, if an Android ad campaign is having success on a particular app, you will want to know how and why that’s taking place. The WhatRunsWhere app is almost like a mobile ad spy. This is appropriate because they bought a similar company named Mobile Ad Spy last year. While Mobile Ad Spy didn’t provide the crux of their business model, it did help WhatRunsWhere diversify their ad tracking service. Navigating the mobile ad ecosystem is difficult and can feel like guesswork a lot of the time. But this service tries to remedy that helpless feeling.

As a basic example, let’s say that McDonald’s has really started to get into the mobile advertising game. Their competitors like Burger King or Wendy’s won’t really know the extent of the McDonald’s mobile ad campaign unless they run across that information by other means. With the WhatRunsWhere service, mobile apps and their advertisements essentially become fair game. They compile the statistics of the McDonald’s ad campaign (in this hypothetical) and relay that info to the interested parties. For instance, if McDonald’s had 10 different ads on 1,000 different mobile apps, then WhatRunsWhere could figure that out.

But the service doesn’t stop there. It can also look at where those ads are placed and how effective they are at getting clicks. So, Burger King can gauge the effectiveness of the McDonald’s campaign to come up with a strategy for their own campaign. Of course, this doesn’t have to be limited to mega multinational restaurant corporations. For many businesses just starting out in Android advertising, it can seem like a gauntlet. There’s no real guarantee that the mobile advertising will work or that you’ll see any money from it. But, if you could take the guesswork completely out of the advertising process, then you might be more prepared to have more success.

If you know where your competitors are having success, then you can try to emulate their goals. Obviously, advertising on the same mobile apps might not be applicable, but advertising in similar niches will be. This just gives Android advertisers a leg up when it comes to mobile monetization. Oftentimes, a well-placed mobile ad campaign can be the difference between utter obscurity and financial success. Mobile ad networks can also provide similar benefits in that they can seek out the best publishers for advertisers (and vice versa). Either way, the WhatRunsWhere service certainly sheds some new light on mobile monetization and advertising.

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