How to Become a Google Whisperer

    By Hadlay Mclean | Small Business

    Let me teach you how integration technology is the only way you can become a publishing guru.

    How to Become a Google Whisperer image whisperHow to Become a Google WhispererGoogle is currently your temperamental love-interest. Just when you think you have them figured out, they turn around and tell you just how wrong you were. They change their minds every few months, they seem to have new interests every few days and they find your input only mildly interesting. So naturally, you will do everything it takes to win them over.

    In the past, your relationship with Google was determined by singular concepts that were always distinct from each other. SEO was just beginning to take off and algorithm changes demanded very specific things from you; keywords, types of keywords, spaces between keywords. It all appeared superficial and confusing. So you created content and published in such a way to make this version of Google happy.

    Except now your G-friend has once again changed her mind. She’s more developed, mature and expects more substance from you. The new name of the game is ‘integration technology’.

    Google is no longer the mercurial entity that looks for muscle in the form of keywords and siloed technicalities. Now she wants a fully integrated approach. And this approach lies solely in the way that your content is created and published.

    What you need to do to become irresistible to Google:

    Know your SEO techniques – although SEO is not the be-all and end-all of online success, it helps to know the technical factors that make your content search engine friendly.

    • Original and creative content: There is no longer an easy route to get into Google’s pants. You have to be exceptional. Your content needs to be engaging, readable and imminently sharable. No longer can you take back routes and hope your ideas will appear at centre stage.
    • Engage with your audience: Being popular with this search engine relies on your being popular with its friends – in other words, the online audience. Having a publishing platform is not about making loud proclamations about your beliefs – it’s about being relatable to your readers.
    • Social media: In order to get the attention of your love interest, you need to get noticed by them. To make any significant ripples in the online world, you need to be Facebook and Twitter savvy. Information is being created, enjoyed and discarded faster than you can say hashtag, so if you want to have any little chance of being Google’s next ‘it’ thing, make sure you have enough social bling to be shared.

    This is the essence of using several different platforms to create one good-looking, successful and intriguing piece of content. Being a head-turner in the digital world is no different to being one in reality – you have to be a fully-rounded character, have passion and ambition, and display something that others don’t. In this way, you can woo Google for at least a full 24 hours. To keep her interest however, this is something you will have to engage in daily.

    Ultimately, the formula is very simple – using integration technology is your only step toward winning Google’s heart.

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