From Austria, iPad app lets users create and project digital graffiti

Several years back we covered YrWall, an interactive virtual graffiti wall that requires no paint, and recently we came across a like-minded innovation that brings such capabilities to everyday consumers. Enter Tagtool, an iPad app that allows users to create digital graffiti and then project it on any surface, wall or building.

Now available in Apple’s App Store, Tagtool “turns your iPad into an intuitive live instrument for projection art,” in the words of OMA International, its Vienna-based maker. Users can create their graffiti using any combination of digital finger painting and animating, and they can also connect several iPads to work together as a team. When they’re done creating, the result can be beamed onto walls, buildings and other surfaces. The video below demonstrates Tagtool in action:

Tagtool works with iPad 2 or newer models and users need an AV adapter to show their Tagtool artwork on a projector or TV, or they can use an Apple TV for Airplay streaming. Marketers around the globe: time to test out the advertising possibilities?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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