Auction site enables customers to choose the price of extreme sports and lifestyle accessories

We’ve already seen Fandeavor offer sports lovers the chance to bid for unique stadium experiences that are otherwise only available at corporate prices. Now, Buystand enables extreme sports fans to choose their own price for related accessories at the start of the season, rather than waiting for the spring sales.

Consumers visiting the site first sign up and create an account before browsing the products on sale. When a bid is made, Buystand trawls its inventory of vendors to see if one is willing to sell the item at that price. The shopper is notified and charged if the bid is accepted. Consumers benefit from being able to buy branded products at discounted prices, while retailers can sell their inventories quicker, making a greater profit sooner.

Buystand caters for the active lifestyle market, but could this business model be useful for other season-dependent retail sectors?


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