Ask An SEO Expert – Engaging Social Media Content [Video]

It is every marketer’s dream to create a viral piece of content that social media users just can’t get enough of. But, it can be difficult determining what types of content your audience will find fit for sharing. In this week’s Ask An SEO Expert feature, our guest presenter, Muhammad Yasin, Director of Marketing at HCC Medical Insurance Services, offers tips on how to create engaging pieces of content that your community will want to share, even if you think you may have a “boring” brand.

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Ask An SEO Expert – Engaging Social Media Content [Video] image ASKandSEOexpert 300x148Ask An SEO Expert – Engaging Social Media Content [Video]So the question is, how do you create an engaging piece of content for social media?

One of the main things that can be very challenging to figure out, is what do I write about in the first place? For many of us, blogs are kind of the core of our social media strategy and our external social account whether it be Twitter, Facebook, etc., are pointing to those blogs, which reside on our websites. So one very easy way to figure what type of content to write about is to simply turn your content into some sort of question so how do I, when do I, tips for doing x and relate that to your main product.

Let’s say that we’re selling irons, all right? Very easy quick way to do it, go to Google, type in the beginning of that phrase and wait and see what pops up in the suggested results. So for “how do I chose an iron”, you may also get “for travel”, “for home”, “that is reliable”. Those types of things may pop up in the Google search results and you instantly know one some great topics but also these are topics that people are searching on, which means that they’re probably going to also resonate in some social channels when you share them as well because it’s content that people are interested in.

The next thing you want to look at is for your pieces of content or for your main topics what other related to that. So in that example, we have a kind of query string that turned into basically an entire blog post title for you. Your work’s all done there but you may need to figure out also what topics should I be speaking about because, I don’t know, my product is really boring.

Maybe you do plumbing or something like that. So start with, let’s say plumbing. You need to think about how you are going to, or what topics are related to this. So if someone’s thinking about plumbing as a home owner, what are they also thinking about as well?

They maybe interested in just overall taking care of their home. They may be interested, maybe they’re researching purchasing a home, and they’re looking at what to look at in relation to plumbing and the wiring and that sort of thing. There may be something just around water in general, or health or those sorts of things.

Look at the plumbing and what I usually like to do is, I will from there, just kind of map out and really useful to have a whiteboard for this. Map out all the things related to it. So maybe it’s kind of the home care in general. But maybe it is just fixing things. And just keep mapping that out. Get as many topics as you can on that and then once you have those, you can start doing the research and figuring out which ones are going to be the most valuable for you.

Last thing. Go out to your social media channels. If you already have some that are built up; or it may even be your personal social media channels and go out there and just ask the question. Ask the people what they would be interested in seeing in relation to our topic and you might find some very surprising results, that you may not have thought up on your own.

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