Is Apple Putting Market Position in Safety With a Smaller iPad?

    By Mark Tourell | Small Business

    Is Apple Putting Market Position in Safety With a Smaller iPad? image apple ipad mini 600x300Is Apple Putting Market Position in Safety With a Smaller iPad?

    In the field of tablet PCs, the race has become one involving the best hardware and applications known to man. Companies have invested millions to innovate and find that one thing that would make their products stand out among other products released in the market. Electronic companies like Apple are trying to find ways to make their products more attractive for the public. The company that revolutionized electronic gadgets has done it again with the invention of the iPad Mini. Apple, the first company to introduce tablets to the masses, has produced a small tablet, something that was not even a popular idea in the company before. The pressure of inventing something cheaper, handier and in tune to market demands created this newest line of iPads. Surely, you’d only now want to sell your iPad

    The iPad Mini measures a mere 7 inches by 4 inches and boasts of the same features the previous iPad already contains, but in a smaller size. It has a 64 GB storage capacity, a 10 hour battery life, a front and back camera, a fast Wi-Fi connection, and can actually contain up to 300,000 apps. These specs are not to be treated lightly, though the Retina Display, present in the latter generations of iPads, is missing in this product.

    The iPad Mini can be used not just for entertainment purposes like video watching, Internet surfing, or accessing social media, it can also be used for business as well. Reports can be uploaded with its huge file storage capacity. Some people even consider it a personal assistant of sorts. Schedules and important meetings can be recorded with this device. This device promises the use of any app without a hitch. Even if a lot of apps are used simultaneously, it does not show any signs of lagging.  Who could want to sell iPad if that is the device is as good as this? There’s nothing more to ask from this device, except maybe a 128 GB storage capacity?

    To answer that, Apple already developed a 128 GB storage capacity for the fourth generation iPad. It is considered the company’s best solution to further dominate the tablet market. Many apps are only useful if the memory capacity is bigger. Having twice the regular storage is a sort of assurance that there will not be any sign of the unit slowing down even if a lot of apps are used at the same time.

    Most tablets in the market only have 64 GB capacity. What would happen if that capacity was doubled? People, of course, would flock to buy it, especially tech heads. Even if it would cost considerably more than other brands because of the added capacity, it would be something a lot of people would buy, no questions asked. One can just imagine the convenience and the usefulness an iPad Mini 128 GB would bring to the table. You’d definitely need to transact with a online refurbishment site only to get cash and buy a 128GB iPad Mini.

    It is safe to say that other companies would have trouble topping this future innovation. Only time would tell. But it may be safe to assume Apple would again be able to dominate the tablet PC market. But then again, what if Apple decides to introduce yet another new product – an iPad Mini with 128GB capacity? That might just be a product Apple needs to once and for all, annihilate the competition.

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