Is Apple Losing It’s Reputation For Innovation?

    By Zac Johnson | Small Business

    There was a lot of excitement and talk this week as Apple planned their latest announcements for what’s on the horizon for the company and their latest products and upgrades. To say that people were disappointed would be an understatement.

    Not only are the announcements no longer coming from Steve Jobs, which brought a ton of excitement and branding in itself, but the news out of the company has been quite lackluster lately. Some of the iPhone announcements were exciting, but many of them failed to impress. Instead of keeping up with the reputation Apple has had for innovation, it looks like they may be hitting a wall and falling behind.

    Is Apple Losing It’s Reputation For Innovation? image Apple iPhone 5 S CIs Apple Losing Its Reputation for Innovation?

    CNNMoney pointed out a few things they liked about the new iPhone 5C and 5S, but they also had a few things they didn’t like… which included the battery life, no new updates on Siri, the iOS gaming experience and getting rid of the black iPhone models.

    Wired Magazine also had the following to say about the latest announcements.

    Though the faster, sleeker, more powerful phone is unarguably cool, the steps forward are still incremental. And incremental isn’t what the world expects from Apple. Steve Jobs’ death wasn’t an event of worldwide significance because he could craft better spec sheets. Apple’s brand is synonymous with vision, a corporate identity that was once its greatest asset. Now that asset has become a liability.

    This is exactly the point I’m getting to… which is that “Apple” is an innovative brand, and when you don’t show innovation your brand and reputation loses value.

    It’s not just the Apple product users who aren’t happy, but it’s the investors of Apple as well. Once Apple came out with their less-than-steller announcements about the new updates and iPhones, the market started to turn on the company. A year ago the stock was on a tear, topping $700 a share and with many speculating a $1 trillion dollar market cap… now it’s struggling monthly to break beyond the $500 price point.

    Is Apple Losing It’s Reputation For Innovation? image Apple Stock Chart 20131Is Apple Losing Its Reputation for Innovation?

    The Branding Power of Apple and What’s to Come?

    Apple is the new cool… or at least they were. Some how Apple was able to take their brand and connect with their audience. This started back when they came out with the colorful iMac desktops many years ago, then really exploded with the release of the iPod which changed everything.

    Out of nowhere it seemed, Steve Jobs became an cult followed genius and starting coming up with amazing product after amazing product. Everyone’s eyes were on Apple at all times… and they still are today, for now…

    The branding power of Apple is this…

    • Apple is what’s cool right now and their products work
    • Walk into any Apple store and they are always loaded with people
    • People WILL buy Apple products just for the “logo” and because it’s Apple

    I’m sure this recent Apple announcement will just be a blip on the radar for them and they will get back to the innovation that put them where they are today. The question is, how long will the customers be on board… when it comes to reputation and branding, you don’t get too many shots.

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