Apple Extends iPhone 5 'Battery Replacement Program' Throughout the World: Check for Your Eligibility Now

    By Rahul R | Small Business

     Apple, which late last month acknowledged a battery issue within its popular iPhone 5 smartphone sold to customers between September 2012 and January 2013, had started a 'Battery Replacement Program' for customers residing in China and the US.

    Now, the Cupertino-based company has extended its 'Battery Replacement Program' to iPhone 5 users throughout the world.

    Customers who purchased iPhone 5 units between September 2012 and January 2013 across the world qualify to get their smartphone batteries replaced for free by Apple, upon fulfilling certain eligibility criteria.


    Apple states that certain iPhone 5 handsets, sold during the above mentioned time period, could experience shorter battery life/backup time thus leading to frequent replacements by users.

    Users experiencing rapid battery life reduction within their handsets qualify for a free iPhone 5 battery replacement.

    However, users experiencing the above symptoms on their handsets need to key in the serial number of their device to match the serial numbers of 'potentially affected' Apple iPhone 5S units, that are stored within an exclusive information center created by Apple.

    iPhone 5 users whose devices are in working condition, but experiencing sudden battery life reduction can click here to check for eligibility to Apple's latest 'Battery Replacement Program'.

    It is imperative for users to note that they would require to key in the serial number of their iPhone 5 device, to determine whether their device is eligible to receive a battery replacement.

    For those who are not familiar with their device's serial number, click here to determine your iPhone 5's serial number.

    How to Get a Battery Replacement?

    Eligible iPhone 5 users have the following options to get the free battery replacement. Click on either of them:

    iPhone 5 users, who are eligible to receive a new battery, should keep in mind that devices with external physical damages like cracked screens leading to battery impairment are not eligible, and these issues need to be corrected before submitting the device for battery replacement.

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