Apple Announces Support For Chinese Microblogging Site Tencent Weibo In iOS 7

Apple Announces Support For Chinese Microblogging Site Tencent Weibo In iOS 7 image Tencent Weibo Apple iOS7Tencent_Weibo_Apple_iOS7The web is already buzzing with Apple’s first press event of 2013. The WWDC 2013 keynote had plenty to offer in terms of new announcements majorly focusing to both iOS and OS X. If you have missed out the coverage then Verge has done justice to the coverage. Besides all these announcements Apple has also shown its dedication to its rapidly growing market in China. According to TechCrunch, Apple’s new iOS 7 mobile operating system would have some added features for the Chinese market along with support for Tencent Weibo – China’s most popular microblogging platform that essentially functions as Twitter.

The integration that received a short mention in Apple’s official announcement, will also see new features like Chinese/English bilingual dictionary and handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters. These features are being considered to be more useful for the Chinese market. However, the big news is the integration of Tencent Weibo in Apple along with the other notable third party apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Apple’s support has been noticeable in the Chinese market last year as well. Apple had integrated Tencent Weibo’s competitor, Chinese social networking giant Sina Weibo into iOS 6 last year. However it would be interesting to see if this new integration will lead to user growth in Tencent Weibo as it did happen to Twitter when it was integrated into iOS 5 back in 2011.

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