App offers cash rewards for scanning QR codes

One problem marketers may have with QR codes is that the technology seems to have reached saturation, yet adoption is still low. In the recent past we’ve seen ideas such as the sound-based data transmission service Chirp, but now the Qriket app aims to inject an extra incentive for consumers to use printed codes by offering them a chance to make cash for every scan.

The app operates as a standard QR code reader, except that each time the user scans, they are entered into a competition to win a prize ranging between USD 1 and USD 1,000. The prize amounts are set and paid for by the owners of the codes – advertisers essentially invest to get more people viewing their content. As well as the cash incentive, the company runs challenges to encourage users to scan more codes and also enables them to team up and play against their friends. According to areport, regular users are scanning hundreds of QR codes daily and the startup has already paid out more than USD 500,000 to its players. The video below explains more about how the system works:

Whether Qriket players are concentrating more on the gaming aspect of the app – rather than engaging with marketing campaigns – is something that could potentially deter clients, but the startup appears to be taking a step towards revitalising the QR code. Are there other ways the technology could be made more attractive for consumers?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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