App helps coaches create and share player performance analysis

    By Tom | Small Business

    Innovations such as the Babolat Play & Connect have shown that technology can help athletes to analyze and improve their performance. With similar aims, the Ubersense app enables coaches to record video of training sessions, add annotations and share them with the athlete.

    During exercise, trainers can use Ubersense to record high-definition video of the athlete they are working with, capturing their technique and quality of performance. They can then play back the footage, using zoom and frame-by-frame functions to get a better view of what’s going on. Multiple videos can be compared side-by-side to check for improvements in technique and form, while voiceover recording and a drawing tool allows coaches to make their analyses clearer for the athlete. Edited footage can then be shared with the athlete, fellow coaches or friends or stored in the cloud.

    Ubersense is free to download from the App Store and could be suitable for a wide range of sports. How else can athletes be aided in better understanding the changes they need to make to improve their performance?


    Spotted by: Susan Johnston

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