App enables wheelchair users to report abuse of disabled parking spaces

Innovations such as Accessibility View have helped wheelchair users to easily find their way around the city, but sometimes these facilities aren’t available – for example if disabled parking spaces are taken up by those without a licence to use them. Parking Mobility is an app that empowers disabled people to report abuse of reserved spaces, while also raising money for relevant charities.

The app – which is available for free on the App Store – uses a one-step process to allow those who come across a parking space being used unlawfully to file a report with the authorities. Users simply submit three photos – one of the car’s licence plate, one of the front window indicating the absence of a disabled ID certificate, and one of the car in the parking spot. The images are then used by Parking Mobility to file a more complete report with the city, which issues fines where necessary. The video below explains how the app works:

Since the disabled community is more aware of infractions of parking rules, the app helps bring more abusers to justice and create more revenue for the city. Because of this, Parking Mobility strikes deals with authorities to give 20 percent of the fines collected to disability charities. How else can those less able be empowered through smartphone technology?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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