App enables users to add typography to their video messages


Smartphones have placed high definition cameras into the hands of many consumers, enabling them to easily capture their lives on digital film. However, tools to edit and organize this raw footage with the same ease are few and far between. While apps such as Cinch are going some way to give users complex editing tools, Wordeo is a new app that lets amateur filmmakers quickly organize their clips and add their own text to tell a better story.

Currently available for free on the App Store, with an Android version in the works, users begin by creating a text-based message to send out to their social media followers. They can then select and crop a video clip from their phone for each word in their message, in order to give a more visual illustration of what they want to say. Users pick their choice of typeface and soundtrack and the video is ready to share. The video below gives an example of what a Wordeo message looks like:

Although popular apps such as Snapchat enable users to add bold text to their short video messages, Wordeo offers greater control in order to help anyone create a short, stylish video they would want to keep. How else can smartphone users create more engaging content with the pictures and video they take?


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