App enables mobile drinks ordering at recommended cocktail bars

The Netherland’s Your Smart Butler has already taken a step into the world of mobile food ordering, and now Coaster is doing the same for cocktail bars in San Francisco, acting as a curated recommendation service in the process.

Those downloading the free app from the App Store or Google Play are offered a selection of cocktail bars using Coaster that are close to their location. Each option comes with an image allowing users to decide if they would like to go there. Once a location is selected, they can view the menu and order from within the app – including mixing their own ingredients for cocktails. Staff are notified of their order and the customer receives an alert when it’s time to pick up drinks at the designated part of the bar. Customers show the three-letter code sent to their phone to confirm the drinks are for them. Payments are made through a card linked to the Coaster account, meaning no cash is exchanged and patrons don’t have to worry about leaving their card at the bar.

Coaster enables customers in busy bars to avoid queuing for drinks, while venues benefit from being able to get on making drinks instead of taking orders and processing payments. Could this kind of payment system work elsewhere?


Spotted by: Katherine Noyes

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