Is the site a Sludge Faktory SCAM?

There is a few people i know who say they got scammed by an internet company called sludge faktory aka destruction101.

They ordered clothing and it's been 5 months and they have yet to get clothing or a refund. The person told them 3 months before the clothing was finished and just needed to be mailed out. They have yet to get the clothing or a refund.

I see now that there is FB pages and groups that say they are scamming.

I see that the website just posted a sale again.

Is this site really scamming people?

8 months ago - 3 answers

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Many people have been scammed. Thanks to reading people's accounts before I ordered a vest for my husband I was able to spare myself the frustration and annoyance of being robbed of my money.

8 months ago

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yes, it's a total scam...this guy will take you money and never send you anything...};-(


by Johnny - 8 months ago

yes, it's a scam.. I gave that guy almost $400 for nothing. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!


by indian - 7 months ago