Difference between Yahoo Hosting Plan and Yahoo Business Email?


What are the differences between Email features provided by Yahoo Hosting and Yahoo Business Email?

The pricing tells me Yahoo Hosting Plan is worth than Business Email but i am not sure whether i can do something like the following.

Is is possible to make use Yahoo Hosting Email only (Change mx records and separate hosting and email)?

Thanks in advanced.

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Yahoo Small Business services will allow you to reconfigure your DNS records to allow assigning of custom A, CNAME, MX and name server records. You can have a Yahoo Small Business service only for email and have hosting elsewhere, however it would not be through assigning the MX records at your hosting provider.

Currently, Yahoo! uses dynamic records for our mail servers so in order to use another hosting provider, you will need to assign A Records on our Domain Control Panel to direct to a static IP address that is provided by the other company. You can check out on how to update the records by going to

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