Yahoo! Small Business Hosting. Block Directory index?

I have a plan with Yahoo for web hosting. so i wanted to block user to see my directory structure but because of my plan i cannot use .htaccess or any php.ini configuration. How should i do?
preferably I don't want to add a index.html or php in every sub dir
Additional index pages: yes i know it's fast to create new index pages but i have some php functions that scans for files in the directories, so i have to insert new exceptions into the for cycle.

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As Yahoo! Web Hosting is shared hosting and does not support modification of .htaccess or php.ini, there is no easy way to prevent "Index of" pages from being displayed when visitors browse to a subdirectory without an index page of some sort.

Using an FTP client, it is a relatively quick process to upload an empty index.html file to each directory. This is a manual process and may take some time. Our FTP settings can be found at If you need any assistance with FTP or using the built-in File Manager, please contact us at

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Take a look at this site, may be it can help you

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