does yahoo webhosting support installing this wordpress plug in?

i want to purchase smallbusiness yahoo webhosting
but i am worried about this issue !
i want to install seopressor plug in (wordpress) , because i need it and i can not work without it .
does yahoo hosting allow this plugin to work ? because if it does not support working with & installing seopressor plug in then i will not buy yahoo hosting
is yahoo webhosting ok with this plug in?
does yahoo webhosting contain linux hosting or not ?
((please notice that i will get the Advanced hosting plan ))
will this plug in work properly on yahoo hosting ?
Dear YSmallBizCare :-
i can not contact them ,could you please contact them and give me a very clear answer ?will it work on yahoo hosting or not ?yes or no !!
Quote [Please contact our sales team at 866-781-9246 Mon-Fri, 7AM-5PM]

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Hi John,

Plugin compatibility highly depends on the plugin requirements. Yahoo! Web Hosting offers the latest version of WordPress Activation, so you would just want to compare the system requirements. In attempting to research the plugin for you, we could only find limited information about this seopressor plugin while weeding through some risky pop ups and spam. Please be careful with products advertised in this manner, without proper documented system requirements as they can be scams and risk your account security.

Please contact our sales team at 866-781-9246 Mon-Fri, 7AM-5PM PST if you have any questions about Yahoo! Small Business products and services.

2 years ago