How do I access web hosting account?

My client has a web hosting account on Yahoo! and he would like me to make a few changes to his website, but he is experiencing problems logging in. Sending him a link to reset his password won't work since he has lost his password for the email account associated with his web hosting account. What can we do to resolve this immediately, please?

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Sorry to hear that your client is having trouble accessing his Yahoo! Small Business services. If he cannot reset his password online, we have a department that can do so over the phone--just call 866-562-7219.

Once he has reset the password, he can sign in to his Yahoo! Small Business control panel at If these suggestions do not work out, have him send an email to; we will need his Yahoo! ID, domain name, telephone number, and best time to call.


2 years ago

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If the email account associated with the account is a yahoo account he can call yahoo direct. They will ask him the answers to his secret questions on file. If he is able to answer them, they will ask him if he has an alternative email where they can send the link for him to login and reset his email password. This also may be the case for logging into the hosting account directly.

by MrCurious - 2 years ago