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    We are in Pakistan and we don't have Paypal in the country.?

    We are in Pakistan and we don't have Paypal in the country. We need a site that accepts a visa card directly with a 3 digit VIN code, its something that amazon has taught me as it takes payments through visa card but not with the cards that has 3 digits Vin no.(what ever it is) The sites should be selling apparels, electronic equipments and all category stuff. Please give us links! Your Help Will Be Appreciated. Thanks
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    Hi there! Thanks for your interest in Yahoo!'s Merchant Solutions products. At this time, our ecommerce offerings are geared toward US-based businesses. Transactions are calculated in US dollars, and supported payment processors other than PayPal must process on the FDMS-Nashville platform. This being the case, I'm sorry to say that a Yahoo! Merchant Solutions plan is probably not a great fit for your business. I suggest you look into service providers that offer products more suited to businesses in your region. Thanks again for your interest, and the best of luck with your business!
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