We are in Pakistan and we don't have Paypal in the country.?

We are in Pakistan and we don't have Paypal in the country. We need a site that accepts a visa card directly with a 3 digit VIN code, its something that amazon has taught me as it takes payments through visa card but not with the cards that has 3 digits Vin no.(what ever it is) The sites should be selling apparels, electronic equipments and all category stuff. Please give us links!
Your Help Will Be Appreciated. Thanks

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Hi there!

Thanks for your interest in Yahoo!'s Merchant Solutions products. At this time, our ecommerce offerings are geared toward US-based businesses. Transactions are calculated in US dollars, and supported payment processors other than PayPal must process on the FDMS-Nashville platform.

This being the case, I'm sorry to say that a Yahoo! Merchant Solutions plan is probably not a great fit for your business. I suggest you look into service providers that offer products more suited to businesses in your region.

Thanks again for your interest, and the best of luck with your business!

13 months ago