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    Photo shop help (Image Re size)?

    I have 100 different different sizes pictures. I want all the 100 pictures to be renamed at the same time(without doing manually) But it must satisfy the below conditions. 1. In the original size highest size should be changes to 600 2. Once the height/width(highest size) changed to 600, then the other side should be changed to canvas image(i mean while color) 3. So the picture should be 600X600 Ex : If the original size is Height - 287 and Width - 282 1. First image Height size should be changed to 600. (So automatically Width will change to 590 as we check constrain properties) 2. Then Width 590 should be changed to 600 (590 - 600 should be white color) I mean to say Canvas image. So image size will be 600X600 Thanks in advance
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    Best Answer

    Here is the tool that I think will help you: http://www.imageconverterplus.com/. As soon as you download it you will see that you can perform all of these operations at once on any number of image files. You can enter the desired parameters you mention. The resulting images will get the names according to your preferences as well. The software will let you create your own profiles so that in case you do this once and want to do it on a new batch of images some time later, there is nothing you will need to do manually.
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