How can I sell my Handmade gifts?

I make wreaths and bird houses.

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You can sell your products on your blog. You can create your blog on (which is free) and use a free shopping cart to add an e-commerce feature to it. There are many free shopping carts to choose from. I have used fatfreecart shopping cart in the past and I had have no complains. They provide with a free shopping cart which you can simply paste in your blog and start selling. Your buyers can you via PayPal or credit card.

You can get instructions at

5 years ago

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well, if you want to do a small business you could go to local fairs and get a booth and sell there. If you want to go bigger get a website. I got one from yahoo they are not very expensive; you could also try theirs are cheap as well.

by HesykhiatheTauren - 5 years ago

yard sale
flea market
ad on swap shop/creg list
side of the road

want some tea

open asmall shop

by zach - 5 years ago