My domain has become unavailable and I have lost my email address as a result.?

I don't think I am behind with my payments, but its possible. How can I reactivate it?

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Hey Martin, sorry to hear you cant access your domain services through Yahoo! Small Business. If you feel that your services have been shut off, you can confirm this anytime by going to:

If you do not see any active services then you will need to reactivate the plan by going to:

Choose the correct plan to fit your needs and then when the system asks you to choose a domain, you will pick the option from below that says "reactivate a canceled account". The rest of this process should be self explanatory although if you would like, you can contact Yahoo! Small Business Sales at 866.781.9246 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST

Once you have active services, you will have access to our 24/7 tech support which you can get to by going to:

We hope this helps and good luck!


1 year ago