Can some one help me with questions about my domain, yahoo e-mail and website?

I'm going through currently. It allowed me to try it before purchasing an actual website. I liked it so I bought it, well I needed a domain name so I purchased one through yahoo and yahoo wanted me to set up an e-mail account. I verified it and it still isn't working. It just keeps saying that my yahoo id and password is wrong and than when I try to have them re-send my info to my alternate e-mail account it says it doesnt exist. So here I am I purchased a domain name and a website and I have no idea how to link my domain name to my website. I'm really frusterated. I tried contacting yahoo and I can't find a number or anything anywhere. If any of this makes sense or if you can tell what I did wrong from what I have described, can you help me or point me in the right direction? I didn't pay a whole lot but it's a lot to me and I can't help but sit here and tear up. I thought I did everything right and nothing is working. please help. Thank you.

This yahoo is my old e-mail address. can I link my domain info and everything to this one? if so how? I can't access any information on m account unless I sign in................well I can't dot that if it wont let me. thanks for the help

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Yikes! So sorry to hear about all of this frustration. When you do have access to your Yahoo! ID you used to sign up for service, we can help anytime by visiting:

We have emailed you at the phone number for our account support, who can walk you through getting access to your account over the phone.

If all this fails, check your credit card bill for the domain charge for our phone number, and we will help you over the phone.


3 years ago

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Can I suggest you something which is very economical and will make your life easier ??

Transfer your domain out from Yahoo to Cybez and let them do the rest for you. Transferring a domain name includes 1 year renewal also, so you do not really pay anything extra for such transfers.

Try and contact them at

by Nikhil - 3 years ago