why can't I access my site i created with yahoo using the temporary web address you gave me to use ?

Why doesn't my temporary web address show my site that I created with your templates. I have finally been released from godaddy and have given you all the info you requested to transfer my domain to yahoo? I could not find where to change the direction of the domain with the codes you gave me ie: and If I need to plug these in somewhere - please tell me where to go and step by step what to do. Thanks, Steven

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Hi, first, keep in mind that reps from Y!SB do not directly read this. If you have specific questions, it would be a good idea to give them a call.

Second, looking at your whois information it appears the domain is still registered with GoDaddy, and the nameservers are not pointed to Yahoo!. If you wish for your site with Yahoo! to show, you will need to make sure the nameservers get pointed correctly. You will need to contact GoDaddy to accomplish this.

Registered through:, Inc. (

Domain servers in listed order:

Yahoo! Nameservers

4 years ago