Why am I getting this error at Yahoo domain control panel?

I bought a domain name a couple of years ago at Yahoo and when I last wanted to check the control panel, I came across this error message:

"Sorry, there are no Yahoo! Small Business services associated with the Yahoo! ID hamipers"

When I do a Whois search, my account at Yahoo still appears to be the administrator's email address of the domain.
What do you think the problem is? How could I contact Yahoo to resolve this problem?

4 years ago - 2 answers

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who did you pay? contact the payee? if you paid through bank or credit card call the bank give transaction# and ask them for phone number. plus i think your domain might have expired next just keep the phone number in record of who u dealing with

4 years ago

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Your Small Business account is associated with one email address. Are you certain that you haven't changed the address since opening it?

Also, if you're not paying for the domain through Yahoo! currently there is no account to access. You may need to open a new account.

by cabbiinc - 4 years ago